2012 Playlist

My Top Listened to Songs of 2012:

1. Carrying The Banner by: Cast of Newsies

  2. Somebody That I Used To Know  by: Gotye

3. Major Tom  by: Shiny Toy Guns

4. James  by: Allstar Weekend

5. Our House  by: Madness

6. You Are Not A Robot  by: Hoodie Allen

  7. Anna Sun  by: Walk the Moon

8. Come Fly With Me  by: Frank Sinatra

  9. Hang You Up  by: Yellowcard

10. Hurt Me Tomorrow  by: K’NAAN

11.  Highway Man  by: The Highwaymen

12. Home by: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes


Instrumental Music

It just simply amazes me how much emotion can be felt in an instrumental song.

I love, love, love music. All kinds of music. You name it, and I’ve either listened to it and enjoyed it, or I haven’t heard it yet, and I’ll write it down to check out later.

Instrumental music though will always hold a special place, though. It never will cease to amaze me, how something with no words can speak so loudly.

Winter, and a little bit of photography…

Finally, I have my computer all set up. 🙂 Yes, I’ve lived here for about 4 months now, and I’ve only just now get everything completely set up. Things have just been that crazy.

It seems like the moment the calendar flipped over to September, the cold weather came rolling in. I’m not going to complain though, I love this weather-not too hot, not too cold-the perfect temperature. Time to pull out my hoodies, and snap some pictures of the leaves changing colors.

The weather’s got me pondering though. What will things will be like in a few months?

This was what winter looked like in Illinois:

No editing, I simply seized the moment.


I’m Back!!

Look at this, just look at this. I have been gone for far too long. Which is almost ironic, because a couple of months ago I thought, “Oh, yeah, school will be getting out, and I’ll have loads of time to blog.” Then I log out, and I let my account sit. School gets out. I move. My blog becomes an attic for spiders to spin webs, and my old posts collect dust. This becomes an in-active blog, and is forgotten about by all.

I’m changing that.

Yes, I thought that once school was over I would have loads more time. I was wrong.

One positive to not blogging for 2 months-I now have lots of things to write about, and post.

But, as for this blog, I’ll leave you with a summary of my summer.


Summer = Sunshine, laughter, visiting with friends and family.


Image 5 AM at the train station.

Summer = Camp, Camp, Camp.


Beaver Creek Bible Camp

Summer = Traveling


Summer = Celebrating


Summer has always been a busy time for my family, but I think this summer’s been the busiest so far. 🙂 Which is okay with me. That’s one thing I enjoy about getting a break from school, things are constantly go, go, going…

What I don’t understand is how I managed to read so much this summer. I’m still trying to figure it out. If you’re in the mood for a good book, I suggest reading Appointment with Death  by: Agatha Christie. Some other books I enjoyed reading this summer were Inkheart by: Cornelia Funke, and A Wrinkle In Time by: Madeleine L’Engle.

Well, that’s my summer. I’ll close out with a song:


Keep checking back for new posts coming soon.



Do the words Free, and Music peak your interest?

If you’re like me they do 🙂 

Which is why I need to tell you about these two awesome sites-these two awesome sites that you need to check out, like, now. 




Both sites are completely free and legal. Bands across the world publish their music to those sites, so that people like you and me can download them, and tell our friends about them. Also, if you like their music well enough, and you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, you can help support them by donating a few (so that they can continue to create awesome music for you and me to enjoy).

Under things like Copyleft and Creative Commons-these websites distribute free music for the public to enjoy.

Just a quick note: when checking out those sites, check out these bands:

Vinyl Thief
They remind me of The Killers, and Neon Trees. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to their song, Faces. I love it. 🙂

Be sure to listen to the song, Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs. 🙂

Major Major
Awesome band, awesome music. I love their songs Microwave, and Satellite.

Check ’em out!! =)

CD Shopping-5 CD’s You Should Own

To be honest, I had no idea what to write about. I kept going round and round in my head listing off all of the subjects I would like to blog about, but nothing really stuck. I Googled, and read other peoples ideas on what to write, but it wasn’t until I read one idea that made me think-why not write about one of my favorite subjects? Music.

So you’re browsing Ebay or Amazon, trying to find new music to buy, and putting a list together in your head of all the cd’s you’d like to own. You should check out these 5 cd’s I’ve selected from off of my shelf:

1. Under the Afterglow by: Forever the Day 

My favorite song(s) off the cd: Forever and a Day, and Underneath the Twilight

Why you should own it: Do you remember the Disney Channel movie Now You See It, from back in 2005? Or perhaps you saw him in the Discovery Kids show Flight 29 DownThat’s actually how I found out about Forever the Day back in 2010. I was looking at Johnny Pacar’s wikipedia page, when I found out he was in a rock band. I looked them up, listened to a few songs, and found that I loved their music. Don’t let the fact that the cd only has 5 songs intimidate you from buying it. Believe me, it is worth the money.

2. Rooney by: Rooney 

My favorite song(s) off the cd: Stay Away, and If it Were Up To Me
Why you should own it: “Their music is reminiscent of British Invasion rock and 1980s pop, and has been compared to The Beatles, The Cars…”, “They have toured the nation with acts such as the Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson, Weezer, The All American Rejects, and The Academy Is…”

3. Stunt by: BNL 

My favorite song(s) off the cd: One Week, It’s All Been Done, Never Is Enough, Who Needs Sleep?, and When You Dream

Why you should own it: Because this cd features fun songs with catchy tunes and interesting lyrics. I own several BNL cds, but this is definately my favorite by them so far.

4. Taking It Back to the Old School by: Sochi

My favorite song(s) off the cd: When I Hold You, Another Saturday Night, and Teenage Sonota

Why you should own it: If your a fan of the 1990’s tv show Sliders, like I am, then you will love Sochi. His sound can be compared to that of Remy “The Crying Man” Brown’s-his style is similar, and he even says “Oh, I’m gonna cry” in his song Teenage Sonota. And even if you’re not a Sliders fan, his cd is unique, and fun to listen to. One that many will find enjoyable to hear.

5. The Talon Mix -Smallville Soundtrack 

 My favorite song(s) off the cd: Save Me by: Remy Zero

Why you should own it: Because Smallville is an awesome tv show, but even non-Smallville fans will enjoy this cd. It features artists such as Sixpence None The Richer; Weezer; The Flaming Lips; Five For Fighting; and Lifehouse. It’s a unique track of various music compiled to make one awesome soundtrack.