Life of a Teenage Gypsy-Part 5

The week before the move, all the way through to the week after, you always seem to be living out of boxes.
Nearly everything is packed, waiting for the truck to arrive tomorrow, and we still have a week left before we leave. I’m getting anxious though. Anxious, and ready to get goin’.


Life of A Teenage Gypsy – Part 3

May 12th,
I only have a short time before my room is to be finished. Think I can make it? We only have 3 weeks until the house is to be completely packed. I feel like the end is approaching quickly. By this time next month, I’ll be an official citizen of Michigan.

Life of a Teenage Gypsy -Part 2

May 9th-
Boxes are beginning to pile up in my room, and my book shelves are looking pretty empty.
As I write this I can hear my mom downstairs taping up filled boxes.
I’m listening to my Johnny Cash Pandora station while packing up clothes, but I decided to quick take a break and write.
Suppose I should get back to work though.

Life of A Teenage Gypsy – Part 1

Moving a family-difficult, but not impossible.

In the 17 years of my life I’ve lived in aproximately 6 states, 9 cities, and 12 different houses.
Quick statistic: I move about every 2 years. There’s nothing wrong with that statistic though. We just never seem to settle in one location.

Though I’ve moved more times then your average person, I enjoy it. I get to experience life in a new place. New towns = new people, new history, new places, and new adventures.

Of course, there’s always a part of me that feels sad-but overall I like the change.

For more updates on my life, keep checking back.