Life of a Teenage Gypsy -Part 2

May 9th-
Boxes are beginning to pile up in my room, and my book shelves are looking pretty empty.
As I write this I can hear my mom downstairs taping up filled boxes.
I’m listening to my Johnny Cash Pandora station while packing up clothes, but I decided to quick take a break and write.
Suppose I should get back to work though.

Life of A Teenage Gypsy – Part 1

Moving a family-difficult, but not impossible.

In the 17 years of my life I’ve lived in aproximately 6 states, 9 cities, and 12 different houses.
Quick statistic: I move about every 2 years. There’s nothing wrong with that statistic though. We just never seem to settle in one location.

Though I’ve moved more times then your average person, I enjoy it. I get to experience life in a new place. New towns = new people, new history, new places, and new adventures.

Of course, there’s always a part of me that feels sad-but overall I like the change.

For more updates on my life, keep checking back.