Then and Now

Jack: You should see Santa Fe. Everything’s different there. It’s all bigger. Y’know… the desert, the sky, the sun.

Sarah: It’s the same sun as here.

Jack: Yeah, It just looks different.


I’ll tell ya what though…. for those who can’t quite afford to go to Santa Fe yet, go stand in the middle of Perkins Road in Prophetstown, Illinois, and look out at the flat land that stretches as far as the eye can see. It all looks bigger there too, especially the sky at night; The moon, the stars.

The first thought that came to mind as we pulled in to our new house in Michigan was, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Just to look at the vehicles constantly whipping by, and the houses and people everywhere. I actually had a hard time sleeping the first night because the traffic never dies here. Out where we were living in Illinois, we’d maybe get 15 cars to pass during the day.

The differences between where we were before, and where we are now astound me.

You can’t see the stars here, like you could in Illinois. I miss that. You can’t see around you for miles, and the sky seems smaller because everywhere you look there’s buildings.

Sometimes I get “homesick” for Illinois…. but can you blame me? 🙂

A photo I took last summer by the barn in our backyard.