Do the words Free, and Music peak your interest?

If you’re like me they do 🙂 

Which is why I need to tell you about these two awesome sites-these two awesome sites that you need to check out, like, now.


Both sites are completely free and legal. Bands across the world publish their music to those sites, so that people like you and me can download them, and tell our friends about them. Also, if you like their music well enough, and you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, you can help support them by donating a few (so that they can continue to create awesome music for you and me to enjoy).

Under things like Copyleft and Creative Commons-these websites distribute free music for the public to enjoy.

Just a quick note: when checking out those sites, check out these bands:

Vinyl Thief
They remind me of The Killers, and Neon Trees. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to their song, Faces. I love it. 🙂

Be sure to listen to the song, Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs. 🙂

Major Major
Awesome band, awesome music. I love their songs Microwave, and Satellite.

Check ’em out!! =)





When the steerage passengers came aboard the Titanic,

they only wanted to cross the Atlantic.

These people had sold everything but their soul, to reach America, the ultimate goal.

They were thankful for a room below,

never suspecting the danger of being that low.

And on the dreadful night, fifteenth of April,

the great ship met the iceberg’s peril.

No one thought it necessary that the poor be warned,

for no one in first class should have to mourn.

The steerage people were assured nothing was wrong-

yet all the lifeboats had already gone.

A poem about the Titanic written in 1998