So here’s something I’ve been pondering lately-

I feel odd about writing odd blogs.


Not Adams Family odd :), but odd being various topics-recipe today; photography tomorrow; music yesterday; history lesson last week. I feel like my blog has no purpose.



At first I thought my main topic could be life, or more specifically: the life of an american, home schooled teenager, who lives in the midwest. But-not only is that a mouthful, it’s also pretty vague.


I see people, and their amazing blogs, and they all have a specific topic, with a specific group of readers. Travel; photography; music; college; family-they pick one topic, and they go with it.



Can a blog really go anywhere if it doesn’t have a specific method, and is really just random thoughts, ideas, and subjects?

Am I going against the flow?


What are your thoughts on that?

(1st, 3rd, and 4th images are not mine-I found them via Google)




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